Friday, April 16, 2010

Watermelon Nights.

Color Club's Electro Candy and What A Shock with some Art Club black holographic stars.

I love both of these colors!  I painted my nails a plain pink last night and when I woke up this morning and saw all of my polish out on my polish table, I was inspired to be creative.

Plus, I've wanted an excuse to use those black stars for a while.  This is three coats of both polishes along with the color intensifying top coat.  I don't know how much the TC really intensified the color, but it served it's purpose alright.  These go on smooth and sheer, and, honestly, a lot better than any China Glazes that I've been using lately.  Love the brush, love that there was no streaky-ness.  And I love the intensity of the colors as far as neons go.

A quick question: Does your polish table look like this when you're done with a manicure?

First of all, I never know which color I'm going to use when I start, so I always bring about six to start with, plus all the obligatory base/top coats and/or treatments I'm going to be using.  Then I usually get a paper plate or something to practice on a little bit before I get started.  By the time I'm done it looks like a tornado's gone through. Sheesh.


  1. LOVE THIS!!! My favorite color combo :)

  2. That is a great mani! I don't think I'd be in a hurry to take it off! Those should go out and do the town this weekend! :)

  3. Brooke - Thank you! These colors are nice together!

    Sylvia - You know what, I think I will. :)

  4. Funky combination! :D

    Yes, my table looks the same. :)

  5. Tassa - I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  6. I don't have a specific table.. I usually do this on our living rooms floor!! And it totally looks the same :D

  7. By polish table do you mean all areas of my house? Then yes, yes it does! I have them all over the place (well, it isn't just my problem, my mother and sister take out polishes as well..)

    Besides that, this looks AWESOME! So bright, fun and cute - very nicely done!!

  8. Hozuli - I don't know how you can do it on the floor! I'm sure I would have a very colorful floor if I ever tried this. I am a horrible clutz.

    Delaynee - Haha. To be honest my desk and toiletry closet are a mess, too. But it never compares to the mess I leave behind after a mani.

    And Thank you. :)

  9. Becca!! I love this!!! it reminds me of sour patch watermelon candy. LOL. =D

  10. Annie - Haha.. I didn't even think about that! Thank you!

    ABoP - Thank you!