Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dollar Tree Finds!

Friday, discouraged after a long wait at the DMV I wandered into my local dollar tree to look over their polish.  They never really have much, and this was true on Friday.  So I got directions to another dollar tree nearby! There, I had to stop myself from buying everything because I am officially on a shopping hiatus.

The haul:

The first and last polish came in a pack of two for $1, and everything else was $1.
Left to right: NYC Metallic Nail Glossies - Molten Metal, LA Colors -572, 571, Topcoat and Hardener-Strengthener, Sally Hansen Salon - Sweet Creams

I attempted my first water marble with the blue LA colors and China Glaze - Tree Hugger for about an hour before admitting that I failed miserably and giving up.  ..Then I attempted a French manicure with Sweet Creams and a shimmery white that I had and also failed miserably.  That cream made my nails look fake.

Finally, I begrudgingly put on NYC - Molten Metal.  ..And instantly loved it.  This is a warm metallicy brown color that is completely unique to my collection.

This is three coats.  It was actually drying with a pretty glossy finish, but I couldn't resist the lure of Seche Vite.  Hence, there is shrinkage.

After this post I'm going to see if it will konad. :)


  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! I love the textured look, even though it dries smooth. =]

  2. Oh my gosh I know right! Negative on the stamping, though. :(

  3. Nice haul.
    Have you used the LA Colors Top Coat yet? I have it and haven't used it. Just wondering how it is.

  4. Nope! Haven't gotten around to trying it. That blue polish is in my near future and I think I'm going to use it then. :) I'll let you know!