Thursday, April 8, 2010

OMG Pop!

I finally got around to using OMG for a base polish and I absolutely LOVE how it looks.  But how come no one told me that it was such a pain in the ass to apply?! Agghhh...  Thin, fast-drying, splotchy coats.

I was so mad after the second, uneven coat that I was about to take it all of and quit! But once I got the third on, all was forgiven.

This polish is awesome!  I used Grape Pop and Konad m65 for the design, which never worked before.  But I heard the tip somewhere in the blogosphere that you should file down the plate if it won't pick up a particular image and this completely worked.

At one point I had everyone in the kitchen looking at the way my nails shimmered in the fluorescent lighting. Haha.

Love these nails.  I can't wait to pick up some other polishes from this collection to try out.  I'm not going to lie, I just started a job with the Census and I painted my nails holographic silver because we were being finger printed the next day.  :)  I got lots of compliments.


  1. this is a gorgeous combo!!!

    BTW... I nominated you for the Sunshine award!!!

  2. Hey!

    Beautiful blog :) And I noticed that we have been doing this almost the same time!!!

    Love the manis!

  3. Anstah - What a wonderful surprise to wander on here and find out I've been nominated for an award. Hee. Thank you, ma'am. :)

    Tassa - Thank you!

    Hozuli - Thanks. :) We have! I'm following you. :)

  4. Wonderful.
    We have a lot of the same polishes. :)

  5. Hehe. Great minds and all that. :)