Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holographic like woah.

I've had this OPI in my collection for a while now and I've just never gotten around to using it.  That's because every other time I paint my nails it seems like I'm painting them blue.  Oh well!  I love blue. Haha.

Oh, and in sad news, I had to cut my nails because I'm learning how to play guitar and they were too long to push the strings down on the frets. :( 

And with that I present to you:

Two coats of OPI - See Ya Later, Sailor! Over two coats of black.  This picture (sadly) isn't very good.. This polish REALLY sparkles.  Especially over black.

But this one's better!  This is plate m57 in China Glaze - OMG (!!!!!!) over top. Love this manicure.

 One more because it can't get better than glittery blue. 

Also, a lesson.  Do not jump up and cook dinner five minutes after you paint your nails.  I don't care if you do use Seche Vite. :\

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