Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm happy, feelin' glad. I've got sunshine, in a bag..

China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky with konad m57 in Grape Pop.

The color is beautiful and bright and exactly what I wanted, but me and this polish did not get along at all!  And I was so excited after the pastels went on so well.  It was thick and goopy and horrible. Ugh.  This is 2/3 coats depending on the finger because it went on so streaky that I had to use more coats to cover up the brush lines.  Of course it dried with bubbles on some of the fingers and also of course when I woke up this morning I had pillow lines on some fingers..

Clearly it is time to invest in some polish thinner. I need this polish for football season! This and Grape Pop will make an excellent LSU manicure! Geaux Tigers!


  1. Wow! It looks really nice on your nails!

  2. SO very pretty.
    I've got both of those polishes and I've got thinner. :)

  3. Sylvia - Hii! And thank you!

    Susie - You are much more wise than me! Haha. This will have to be my first investment once I'm off my buying hiatus!

    Tassa - I know, right? It makes me smile every time I look down. :)