Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grocery Store Wonderland.

I went to the grocery store after work yesterday to pick something up for dinner.  You know, the normal.  Just happened to wander down the polish aisle. You know.. the normal. :)  I was casually glancing over a rack of OPIs and -- BAM -- there they were! No display, no warnings, no $12 price tag, no nothing!

Ohhh how I have been dreaming of owning you.  I never thought I would see these out in the real world, you know?  And for $6.99 at THAT.  I immediately came home and put on Absolutely Alice.

I don't know if you've heard, but pictures just don't do this polish justice!

So I took a few. :)  This one is in the sunlight from my window. :)

And this is with a flash! Also.. I have no idea what is on my finger in this one. Hmm.

Oh! And I was already wearing this beautiful blue Revlon polish, Midnight Affair.  It was the perfect base for Alice to glimmer and shine all over the place!

And I am content with the world. :D


  1. WAHH? what grocery store do you go to that sells polishes?! I want to know! HAHA, I LOVE Absolutely Alice. It's so gorgeous. A reallll pain to take off, but so so beautiful. =D

  2. The same one that I got my Revlon Polishes from for $1 - HEB! I'd never heard of it before I moved to Texas, but let me tell you, they've got someone who knows what's what running their cosmetics section. They also have the Hong Kong collection out, and the Orly pastels. Plus just about every line of drugstore brands there is.

  3. IN a grocery store? I can't get these sort of polishes in my whole COUNTY. :)

  4. Oh my gosh I almost lost it! My husband looked at me like I was crazy when I picked them both up! He was like "7 dollars?!"

    "Baby. You just don't understand!"