Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tickle me pink..

Rimmel 60 Seconds Stars - 626 Be A Star!

I wore a dark pink shirt to work today, so I dug through my polish collection to find something to coordinate.  This polish matched almost perfectly.  The polish is really a very deep, rich pink, exactly like the color of the bottle. I couldn't get a picture of the darker qualities of the pink, but at least I got the shimmer.  I didn't even realize how beautiful this was until it caught the sunlight on my steering wheel during the drive home.

I've had this polish forever, and I am sad to say that it is one of only two pinks that I own! I need to change this stat!  What are some of your favorite pinks?


  1. THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT!!! I'm actually a pink whore. =[ I have a lotttt of pinks. I have so many.. that I can't even pick a favorite.. o.o It's a little overwhelming. HAHA =]

  2. Heee! That is the same with me and my blues.