Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Custard Pie.

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz, Konad m79 with OPI - Jade is the New Black.

So, in trying to match my outfit again, I painted my nails another shade of yellow! ..And this was one of those manicures that you're so frustrated with by the time you're through that you're ready to take it the hell off, but you don't out of spite for the time you've already committed to it.

For instance, the lines were supposed to go straight across the nail, but the first one went on crooked, so I just went with it.  Not to mention that I repainted the middle finger three times!

This is what it looks like from my POV. I put top coat on the pinky and it completely changed the color of the stamp, so I just left the rest without a top coat.

Came home today to find this in the mail!!!!

Get ready for some neons, ladies!!! Right when I finish this post I am going to embark on the obligatory skittles mani!! So excited!

ETA: If you're following me and I'm not following you back it is because your blog doesn't show up on your profile! Drop me a comment with it so I can read what you're up to. :)


  1. Love that yellow with the konad flowers, so cute!
    Nice haul!!!

  2. Thank you! It grew on me as the day went on! Also! I cannot accurately express my glee over the neons!!! So excited! Haha :)

  3. What a cute mani!!!

    I've got to ask... does you blog title have anything to do with The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock? (kind of obsessed with that poem right here!)

  4. I believe my blog doesn't show in my profile.. Don't know why! But here is mine URL

    Can't wait the neons!! :D

  5. Oh my god, you have a truly amazing mailman! I want those too... That bright yellow China Glaze looks very, very interesting.

  6. Brooke! Yes! I love that poem too! Haha.

    Hozuli! Thanks for the link! I don't know why but it doesn't show up for a lot of people...

    Omalic! Haha. He holds a special place in my heart! Lol! And the yellow is AMAZING!