Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quilts, quilts, and more quilts!

So I'm very crafty, and I figure that is what I can use this blog for.  At the moment I channel my creative energy into nail polish and quilting, so if you're wondering why I'm following your blog, that's why!

While I love quilting, I have only actually finished one quilt!  At the moment I have two quilt tops in progress and a third in the planning stages!  I just can't help it! Haha.  I love designing them, piecing them, and giving them away, but that pesky step where you actually have to quilt (and bind, ugh) the thing just gets in the way of my creative process.  Of course, my opinion on this is not definitive, as I have only done it once before and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. We shall see. :D

First quilt was for one of my friends babies.  I call it Butterflies on the Grass.

The back!

I got this pattern from Oh! Fransson, who is like my quilting idol. Haha.  Since then, here are the projects that are in progress.

The Timless Treasures quilt, which is a lot bigger now!  It will be 10 x 12 squares complete.  I have it pieced in sections of 10 x 3 and I only have to put those sections together to be done!

Chocolate Flowers, a baby quilt for my bestie.

Left is what the acutal blocks look like, and right is what I intend the final quilt top to look like.

And last but not least. My newest project that hasn't gone beyond the planning stages, Boxes of Dots!

So, this is what I do!  I look forward to posting about it here. :D


  1. Is that for MEEEEEE?? :D

  2. Really nice.
    I have done some quilting. I have tons of hobbies. I seem to get into one drop it and get into another then go back to the first. :)
    What sewing machine do you have?

  3. I have a really old Brother machine that my parents bought me for my 16th birthday for like 80 bucks. I will look up the exact model later.

    And I am the same with hobbies, it seems. I go through them in spurts. All three of those quilts remain exactly as they were when I posted about them.

    All of a sudden I was like "Nail polish! Ohh!!"