Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First post!

Well, I figured since I have this thing, I might as well update it, right?

A lesson to be learned: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.  I bought some polish the other night along with some 'decorating' polish brushes.  These decorating brushes came with cute little stencils, to which I thought, awesome! Right?

Wrong! The stencil broke after the third nail.  However I was already too invested to quit!  Over the next half hour I struggled with a messy, broken stencil to complete my "Omg, Spring! Hurry up!" mani, inspired by my new neon blue polish.

I used Milani - Dude Blue for the base and Pure Ice - Flirt Alert for the flowers. There are some better pictures after the cut!

Artificial light!  You can click this one to see a bigger version, though I'm afraid the quality isn't much better.

Natural light.  I am in love with this blue!

It still looks cute, but it is definitely time to invest in a konad stamping kit.  Nevertheless, even though my flowers aren't perfect (trust me, they are much worse IRL, my camera just lacks the ability to show that), that will not stop me from wearing it for a week!

Perhaps I'll make a crafts blog over here. Who knows?

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