Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Matted Treasure.

Same mani with Essie Matte Magic on top. It looks like I applied a crackle coat on this. :D

Again. :)


I am wearing another mani right now with the middle nail all funky.  I refuse to cut my other nails! I think I might go buy a set of plastics just for the middle nail. Seeing my in laws for the first time in two years next week so that is how I'm justifying it.

...I never thought I'd be so attached to my nails.


  1. sniff sniff I know exactly how you feel about the broken nail. definitely sucks

  2. aw! what a tragedy! but im with you! i dont want to cut mine off either! haha

  3. oh NOOOOO =[ Hidden treasure looks HAWT matte!!!

  4. Ahhh! That sucks soooo bad!! I actually winced when I saw that photo - I hope for a quick recovery (:

    Oh, and, I am extremely jealous that, one, you have hidden treasure, and, two, make it look super rad!!

    P.S - sorry for deleting my other comment. I am sleep deprived and do not understand how to use words!!

  5. Thanks ladies!! They are now ALL that short but I am coping.

    Hope to be back posting soooon. :)