Thursday, May 20, 2010

If you're too busy looking for the gold... might end up missing the silver lining. :)

Sally Hansen - Silver Lining

I found this collection again at a local grocery store for 5.25 plus a dollar off coupon and couldn't resist picking up this polish and another bottle of Hidden Treasure, which I am seriously considering giving away.  Of course I painted my nails (which are PAINFULLY short) days ago, but this polish has lasted surprisingly well.  My picture doesn't do this polish justice, in the sunlight is where it really shines, and in about five different colors.  There is pink and blue and purple microglitter in there with the silver.  Love it! I am definitely planning on using it for a french mani when I get my tips back. :)

I ordered that bundle of plates and when they get here please to be expecting me to post like a madwoman. 


  1. <333 I loveeeeeee Hidden treasure!!! I want another bottle, but I can't find it!!! I hope you're doing well!! =D

  2. Omg, LOVE that color! Tres fab. :)